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Working with local charities

We have connected with Birmingham Care Group to help us tackle some of the wasted products that were generated in our UK facility. 

Many of these products were already in the final stages of productio.

To simply send them to recycling would be a choice but not the best one.

It would also be unfortunate to do so. Many of these products, even though unsellable due to minor cosmetic imperfections, still, hold an intrinsic value. 

Sending them (blankets, mugs, cushions, tote bags, pouches) to a recycling facility wouldn’t be morally and socially the right thing to do.

So after much looking for a charity that could help us make these products reach the ones in need, and with some denials along the way.

We have found one that welcomes our products and will pass them on to the right people.

Surprisingly, all the charities that we had initially approached didn’t show much interest in them.

Not all charities are the same

Most of the charities that we approached initially were looking for money donations more than product donations.

This made it challenging to give out these products to the right people.

Regardless, we managed to find someone that was very happy to receive and channel these products to the right people.

We strongly suggest that you check out the BCG website .

Check the amazing work that they have done for the local communities around Birmingham.

Among food banks and plenty of other ideas and strategies, they manage to help the ones in need in this community.

Perhaps you can even support them somehow. Charity is a little bit like that slogan from a big brand, where every little helps.

We are now in talks with charity organizations across all the other countries where we produce and fulfil our range of products.

This way we can help all communities where we operate and at the same time reduce waste.

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