SHOP VIDA or just VIDA, is a collaboration between designers and makers around the world.

They bring original, inspiring apparel and accessories to you, creating beauty every step of the way.

We have partnered with VIDA and proudly helped them develop new eco products, always with sustainability and responsible sourcing in mind.

vida product banner

They have a very unique approach to print on demand and to the textile industry altogether.

Environmental awareness and ethical production and sourcing are some of their most valuable brand values.

They emphasize the equitable distribution of resources from the moment you purchase or design to the moment where it is produced.


 Manufactured somewhere where they have an impact and make a difference in the community.

It favours production in lower-income countries but equally competent and skilled in terms of labour.

Whilst at the same time providing an amazing platform for artists to be able to see their creations come to life.

Products being globally supplied:

Eco Sweaters

Infinity Scarves

Racerback Tops

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