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The Redbubble case

In case you are not familiar with www.redbubble.com, allow us to introduce you to them.

RB has been a partner of ours for a few years now, we have been supplying them across all our facilities.

Our worldwide reach and localised printing and manufacturing facilities across the globe have proven to be

very important in order to achieve their business objectives.

This goes in line with their localisation strategy which helps them deliver their products faster and with less cost for the consumer,

they are very consumer-centric, with a big concern over their client’s buyer journey and happiness.

They are one of the biggest online marketplaces for print on demand products, from home products to clothes & apparel, accessories and beyond.  



How it started.

Redbubble started in Melbourne, Australia and quickly became a huge, if not the biggest player in the print on demand industry,

quickly expanding to the US and Europe.

The way RB rewards their artists has been one of their biggest selling points, together with a super intuitive and amazing UX website.

You can easily buy awesome products with amazing designs from artists from all over the world.

Looking for a sticker with an attitude? They have it. Maybe a blanket that reflects your personality? They have it. 



User Interface & User Experience

Whatever you search on their website you will most likely find some kick-ass design that some artist created in a moment of great inspiration.

You can also upload your designs if you are somewhat of an artist yourself.

Their website UI/UX is off the charts, in a few minutes you will be selling your designs on the products that they sell with no cost whatsoever. 

Yes, you simply upload your art and then once someone buys it you will get your commission. 

It’s that easy, there are no hidden costs or fees. 

There is only a base price, to which RB sells the product, on top of that,

you can choose how much margin you would like to add on top, this is entirely up to you.



rb banner


Artists unite!

The best price/commission is relative to each product, as each has its own perceived value and so does your artwork after all.

Many artists have found fame and perhaps fortune by using this great platform.

Maybe you will be the next one, who knows, give it a try. It’s free after all.

Current products fulfilled globally:
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